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Chef Lula Martín del Campo

Lula graduated with a degree in Business Administration from ESDAI. She started her professional career in 1995 when she opened her first business, an Italian restaurant. Her next step was executive chef to the Grupo Habita. It was a defining moment for her professional career. It was a great learning experience; she was in charge of food and beverage of various hotels including, Habita in Polanco, Deseo and Básico, in Playa del Carmen. She has mentored various restaurants in the creation of their menus, training of their staff and the restaurant openings. 


Also, she has been the spokesperson for various commercial brands and has been invited to participate in various festivals and gastronomic conferences world wide, in countries like India, USA, Spain and various states in Mexico. 


She has participated in events for foundations and also supported various institutions that help homeless children, by giving them jobs. 

Currently, she is the Executive chef of the directors’ dining room for HSBC and has participated like a spokesperson for the institution in video capsules with tips and recipes for your kitchen shown across all branch offices in Mexico. 

In 2011 she launched her first cookbook, Lulachef México Contempo. The book in 2012 was acknowledged as, “The Best Woman Chef Cookbook in Mexico 2011¨ by The Gourmand Awards. 

She is the author of the collection “Cocina Esencial” which includes 11 published titles.


In 2015 she created two healthy menus for the “Libro Rosa” (Pink Book) to help the Estée Lauder Cosmetics campaign against breast cancer. 

Lula has created a line of chef shirts that have a particular border designed by the women in the Tlatzumaque Sohuame Atla group (a project that integrates 23  nahuas women in the artisanal textile industry). 

She participated in the fourth season of the Puro Chef show on the Utilísima channel, where she shared credits with chefs from Latin America and was transmitted from March to June of 2013. 


She was a guest chef on an episode of Master Chef México in 2015. 


Currently she participates in the new season of “Tu cocina” on Canal Once, a show on which she works with other chefs. Lula presents recipes from different regions of the country. On Thursdays you can see one of the twenty themed episodes, “Cocina de Mercado”, where she visits different local markets in Mexico City, buy the ingredients and shares recipes that can be included in the daily menu for your family.

She is a partner of the Roca restaurant, whose specialty includes ranch meat from Sonora cooked on a rock grill, seafood from Ensenada and other inspired dishes. 


In the spring of 2017 she opened Cascabel restaurant, a gastronomic experience that looks to promote and emphasize Mexican flavors. The name Cascabel was inspired from three sources; from the flavor of the cascabel chlie, from the mystery of the rattlesnake, but mostly from the jingle of the bells on the feet of the native dancers. 


Chef Lula affirms: “I like to give more in my service, not just sell a meal, I want people to have an experience."


Her Motto is: Less is More. 


www.lulachef.com.mx        http://www.facebook.com/lulachef

 twitter.com/lulachef                   https://www.instagram.com/lulachef